Pure Water Filter Solutions

We Offer a Complete Range of Supershine Pure Filtered Water Cleaning Solutions to Keep Your Property Super Clean and Sparkling!

Water fed Pole cleaning technology

We use normal mains tap water in our cleaning process but not before we've made it fit for a Supershine. First the water goes through a filtration system after which it is held in a storage tank before being pumped to our on board tank. The water passes through two pre-filters. The first removes larger sediment such as dirt particles, sand and rust.

The second is called a carbon block and removes chlorine, heavy metals and other chemical contaminants. The water then passes through the reverse osmosis membrane by which point 95-98% of all contaminants would have have been removed. The waste water then exits the unit and the pure water is ready for the next process.

De-ionisation or "polishing" involves passing the water through a small vessel containing a mixed bed of resin beads. A chemical exchange then takes place between the hydrogen and hydroxide ions in the water which then combine to give us water with a purity of 000ppm (parts per million) of TDS (total dissolved solids) or as we like to call it "Supershine water" which dries naturally on glass and other surfaces without any spotting at all!

Pure Filtered Water Pole Cleaning